Why is every one of my project rejects?

Here is my last design!
Kindly check and guide me what is my mistakes…

Firstly, I didn’t even see most of the text at first, it’s VERY hard to see, even focusing on it I almost can’t read it. You can’t put white text on a white background… Same with the text at the top, the parts where it goes over the white are nearly invisible.

  • It sort of looks like you took a bunch of premade assets and threw them in, the style and quality of some don’t quite match with the rest.
  • You really don’t need that “Valentines” heart balloon, or the chalice.
  • The star balloons should be rotated and flipped in different ways to add more natural variation. The ones at the bottom should not have the tips touching the edge of the bar, they should either overlap completely or be a bit further away, use this as a general rule for almost everything design/art related.
  • The columns on the sides don’t reach to the very bottom of the page, leaving a red line underneath them, I’m not sure if it was intentional, but it looks like a mistake.
  • Why use Christmas bells for Valentines Day?
  • If the majority of your item consists of assets that you did not make, and don’t have legal permissions to use for commercial purposes, then there’s no way it will be accepted. In most cases, a flyer can use maybe one copyrighted image which will not be included in the file, and instead works as a placeholder for preview purposes, that image can then be replaced by the buyer. In your case, it looks like most of the flyer would not be able to be included.

hi for me there are pretty good things about this one, including a real try to bring something very original to the table and rather interesting harmony among other things, the problem is that in the meanwhile u have also a lot of things that should be improved or that are more or less ruining what u have done, so here are a collection of points that u need to take into account indeed

1- global style
as i mentioned this is original about style and lay out but on the other hand this is also very crammed, there is no white space, no breathing , texts and elements are “choking”

2- details and realism
for u to take your game to the next level u have to pay more attention about details and make sure that what u are eating is looking more realistic and thus more worked out too , dropping shadows in a lot of different places here is not an option, just something that u really need to do so that “people can buy it” as, right now, it looks somehow a bit artificial …

3- readability
some texts , as evoked by @XioxGraphix ruthfully so are almost unreadable … the problem is when this is things as essential as the central title and what is supposed to be the name of the club, it should not only be seen, readable but also outstanding and valued indeed

4- coherence
putting just one word in the mid of the flyer like this is strange … normally people would say love night, valentine party or whatever so that people reding the document know what the flyer is all about …

5- typo
as for me the used font is not really matching the theme but even if u can use it , the font is lacking a bit originality , variations for sure and most importantly combinations

6- contrast
think about making texts pop out form the background to have more impact

7- hierarchy like
this is linked to the contrats thing , think about this, the more texts turn out to be important, the more they need to be noticed, valued, outstanding and selling …

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Thank you so much :heartbeat: