Why is EPS the mandatory file format?

I’m interested in creating and selling works here, but the following stopped me from doing so. From the FAQ:


All Logo Templates must be in EPS or PSD format.
The file must be CMYK


Illustrator EPS 10 compatible

I know that Adobe software is the industry standard, but I’m not the only one out there who doesn’t want an Adobe subscription. A lot of customers who don’t work in a graphic-related field also hardly can import EPS or PSD into their office software. I don’t even know anyone that uses EPS anymore.

Why isn’t PDF the mandatory file format instead? (or an older AI version, which can be renamed to a PDF and still show up correctly) Most software can handle PDF better than other proprietary, commercial formats. I’d be happy if even SVG would be allowed, as I currently only have Inkscape as vector software. Many users might also buy the affordable Affinity software which has its own file format, so in my opinion PDF would be the best mandatory format as it can be imported in most software with the best compatibility. And also, RGB instead of CMYK.

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Hi Chocki,

You are right about the EPS is an industry standard, but You can include as many file formats as You wish. If You are for example creating a logo template, upload the mandatory EPS format and also include others like Ai, CDR, PDF, SVG and others if You want.

More formats may result in more customers as they will find the best suitable file for them :wink:

About the CMYK: All of the printing companies I use for my customers want files in CMYK format, because they use the CMYK colors in their printers. When You send them the RGB file, the result will have different colors from your original.

Hope it helps :wink:

Jan (survivor)