Why is envato using dark patterns to put off help seekers

where does one access help at Envato - all links for support head to FAQs with no links to actual support. This is a sad change to the way Envato is working copared to the past.

As we cannot get support for our products this is a particulalrly galling way of doing business.
If we get an answer via this forum the tickets are closed after one answer that doesnt resolve the issue - so we are again stuck trying to access help.

Seriously underwhelmed by this process.

And trying to find a category that works for this forum - HA!!! so am sticking it in a random Theme forest forum as there is no category for this help sucks!! AI - is much more Artificial than intelligent and the Categories process on this form proves this.

Envato Market Help and Support is Envato’s official support BUT item issues should be sent to the author (process differs depending on the author but all items have a support tab with instructions).