Why is Envato allowing Author to impersonate Envato Support

This user has twice used a user name for their support to give buyers and potential customers that their replies are from Envato.

The latest user name they have started using is a really blatant abuse and Envato is doing nothing about it!

Here it is you tell me if you think they should be allowed to use it.


PS. I understand their reason for trying to fool buyers and new customers because of the many many bad reviews for all their products in Envato.

Also from first hand experience as one of their dissatisfied customers. :frowning:

We don’t. Using our name is against our terms of service and you will either be asked to change it, or the account will be disabled.

Thanks for letting us know. In the future, you can always raise a Help Ticket and our Help Team will investigate - Envato Help & Support Center

Obviously WE did raise it with your support rep several times and have been ignored for over a week.
The abusing Author is getting away with it and laughing.

We buy here because we are Envato members first not Author clients.

The offending Author who is allowed to have 28 products here and ALL of them have many complaints of bad coding is still allowed to sell to unsuspecting members.

Their only reply is they will do customization for a fee.
They told me $250 USD to add Paypal as a payment gateway to the script.
What a laugh.

Thanks for replying @KingDog

They were asked to change other conflicting user ids and each time they add Envato to their new user id.

Thank you Envato @KingDog Dog for removing the deceitful support id pretending to be Envato support team by this seller!