Why is communication important for graphic design?

It is very important that there is a good communication signal between the designer and the prospect.

This communication is usually taken by explaining the design or in much broader terms, what is the brand’s message behind the brand and why it is based. This gives the designer a clear story allowing him to get an idea during the design. As the design is a mix of colours that accompanies the theme of the brand, if the designer does not understand it well “I have also design a website (face authentication services)”, it can create a misleading image. As a result, many issues may concern the brand in the long run, or even heavy fines.

Before leaving the design, make sure there is good communication between you and the designer. You can somehow understand each other and then you go, you pass a very good design.

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not trying to hijack this thread, but I have been in that situation, first of all both parties must speak good English, second must take a moment and think, and then take decisions


I am following your golden words. Thanks


yeah , design is a language of soul, not easily spoken with words, thus why it needs lots of discussion before you make something