Why in the category “print templates”, it does not indicate a limited amount...

Hello to all authors:

Why in the category “print templates”, it does not indicate a limited amount of jobs as in other categories?



You have a second account under the name “Erikalvo”? Why is the illustration quality there so much different than what you have shown here recently? In fact all of the items there are drastically different than everything you’ve shown on the forum.

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I am learning my designs my friend @n2n44 for so was approved some my designs :slight_smile:

That’s fine, I’m just confused how your style changed so drastically, seemingly for the worse. All of the items on your Erikalvo account are far better than anything you’ve posted on the forum recently.

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Si mucho mejor mi estilo de diseños, quiero decir gracias a mi amigo n2n44 :slight_smile:

and u are working hard . of course, your productions u are not always constant yet but u are progressive in all ways, u need to keep on working hard and doing your best and , at a time, all this will pay off (even this is already starting) :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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Hi, Jeri
Hello, you use 2 exclusive accounts on evanto, have any problems?

I see they only allow each individual to have 1 exclusive account and 1 non-exclusive account.

With respect. It’s just a combination of a couple graphic elements that were created not by Erikalvo

Here’s exemple:

  1. Erikalvo item
  2. Sourse design element

I don’t even know if it’s legal or violate the rules of the Envato community :man_shrugging:

The same about this :point_up_2: I’m not sure it’s legal

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Yea I noticed that too, doesn’t really seem right.

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