Why I'm so addicted to videohive authors ?


Hi everyone, I have a big problem, my sales were very good in last 2 months, but that was caused by videohive authors which used one of my tracks in couple animations, I gained a lot of energy to upload more items, I made 15 new tracks which are completely ignored, is my music that bad that I can’t sell it to other people than videohive authors? I was having a big hope for grow and progress and I’m still full of energy to create more items, but I’m slightly demotivated about audiojungle.

I can’t advertise here on forums so nobody will never know about me, I’m trying twitter, facebook, soundcloud, I have even free files to share with everyone, I could even create more free content if I knew that will help me at least a little bit, but I think it’s all pointless. I really don’t want go to job in my poor country and do a stupid things such as cashier in supermarket, it’s only job here that can be easily found for very poor salary.

I’m a bit depressed by my results here on envato community, especially because I owned a trend setter badge and even a weekly top seller, which are things that really gives you big hopes for better future and progress on this market, but my sales stopped suddenly, and I don’t really know what is going on. Best regards to all of you, Marcin Klosowski

Looking for videohive authors to collaborate, I can create music and sound even for free

Ah ah! I understand all your questions!
But it is sales! There is no regularity. Sometimes a song of mine is ignored during 6 months and then a big production buy the huge licence on it!

keep playing, having fun!

this is music.

Maybe search some formation to understand something new on mixing etc…

the best to you!


hi there, i am not from Videohive, but what i can tell you is that sales are very unpredictable and that this is not because u have a great item working incredibly that all will do very well , this is difficult to sell well, authors are continuously increasing and same goes with items, so just try to do your best with promoting your items, and i wish u good luck and better sales :wink: