Why im getting only 50%

anybody know why only 50%? where i can find information why only 50%


sorry, dont see where is 50% number

i only see 12.5-37.5% for exclusives (depending on their total sales volume). With the move to author-driven-pricing, authors are more in control of their total earnings from a sale. but im confused why i get only 50% of my sales…

Its all explained on the site I linked to.

If your item is priced at 100$ thats the sales or list price. 20$ of that price is a buyers fee to envato. That gives you an item price thats 80$ of which you pay a authors fee to Envato. That fee initially 37,5%, which in this case means 30$. That leaves the author with 50$ (or 50%) of the list price.

Also, try to move the slider at the bottom of the site to see how your share increase when your income increases.

It’s all in here…

Or in the ‘become an author’ link. None of it says why you get 50%, but it does explain how much you get… which if you’re selling in a non-author driven pricing category, and you’re exclusive, means you get 50%. I guess the why is because Envato want 50%, and they’ve decided that’s the sweet spot when it comes to attracting and retaining quality authors, balanced with making a profitable business.

And just to note, none of the pages say you get 50%, because you don’t get 50%. You did a couple of years back, but that changed. Now you get the item price minus the author’s fee. It just happens that with a buyers fee of 20%, the calculation does work out to 50%. With author driven pricing, the buyers fee is a fixed amount that doesn’t necessarily equate to 20%. it could be more, or it could be less.

So as a result, it wouldn’t be accurate for them to state that you get 50%, as you might not. It’s just that in most cases, currently, you do get 50%.