Why I wont buy from AudioJungle again

This is just feedback - not a gripe - but I’m saying goodbye to Audio Jungle.
The registration of the music rights with the likes of YouTube now makes it impossible to use any AudioJungle tracks.
While you can go through the whole Dispute Claim process (and I have done many many times) it means my customers are unable to make any advertising revenue during the first 30 days of uploading a video - just when they get the maximum number of views. Some copyright holders are quite good and get back to you within a day or so many just let the 30 days expire.
I have now found other market places which insist its contributors do not register copyright.
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While certainly valid for clearing claims, going through the Youtube dispute process is not the fastest way to do it. Most ContentID third parties (the companies issuing the claims such as AdRev, Identifyy,…) have a claim clearing form set up. It only takes a few hours in most cases.

A trick so as not to lose ad revenue in the meantime is to publish the track as unlisted until the claim is lifted.

While I understand your frustration, unfortunately due to the massive pillage of our music on Youtube, ContentID is a salvatory tool that no serious authors can do without.

Artlist’s promise of a ContentID-free library is nothing more than a lie. A dangerous one at that. Unprotected music, especially when advertised as such, is targeted by fraudsters who register it in their name. When that happens you cannot lift the claim at all, since the author is not the claimant. This has happened many, many times, and it’s a real headache to sort out. Artlist are completely irresponsible for demanding such an unsafe online behavior. They also seem to have no respect for their buyers since they are willing to expose them to fraudulent claiming just for a marketing gimmick. Authors who publish their music there should denounce that stance.

Anyway I hope this doesn’t happen to you nor your clients, best of luck!


I’m not unsympathetic to your plight - but what about the plight of my customers who have invested months of work and many $1000s into producing content only to have someone else claim all the revenue because we use 30 seconds of music for which we have already paid a license fee?

It makes the whole ecosystem un-viable. who is going to do that?

as you can see below - the myth of rights authorised in a few hours is just that - a myth.

This is mainly a YouTube problem and not an AudioJungle one. The way the system works, anyone can claim anything on YouTube. You may for whatever reasons feel like using “unregistered” music is a safer bet, but once the fraudulent claims come in you’ll really find yourself in the same position. I help my customers in clearing several videos and channels each day, and whenever a false claim on our music shows up (this happens almost every week), I go out of my way to assist and try to hunt the fraudulent claimants down, report them to AdRev, YouTube or any other service with which they are associated.

By contacting authors ahead of licensing, you’ll have better chances of whitelisting your channel prior to publishing, something I know is important to many YouTubers.

Also, while I strongly advocate for all authors to register with ContentID, AudioJungle actually offers a search filter where you can find a lot of music that is not ContentID registered.

Good luck :sunglasses:

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Yes indeed, going via the Youtube dispute process may take a long time, which is why this not the preferred way to deal with claims. Have you tried clearing it via the Adrev form? This is the quickest way to clear claims from AdRev (other third-parties have similar forms).

I agree with you that the whole system is far from ideal, but as @Stockwaves said, this is a Youtube thing. Hopefully they will come up with a smoother process eventually.

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I think you must be replying to the wrong thread. No where did I evenly remotely say anything like that…
What I’m saying is the balance is wrong - I’ve just had 23 videos for a client all time out after 30 days because adrev did not look or act on the copyright dispute. This is just unmanageable in business terms.
You suggest I probably don’t license a lot of music, well I can promise you that I’ve been in the video / Broadcast TV/ internet world for the last 35 years and I take music licensing very seriously and always abide by its terms. Even to the point of buying the same song many times over where required.

I am just saying because of the difficulties caused by the Content ID in the production and broadcast of client work I now choose to buy my music elsewhere. We all have choices and this is the simple choice I have made for my business. Now I completely accept the validity of you using Content ID as a sensible way forward for your business - I’m just saying I’m not going to be giving you any of my money while other options are out there.

I was replying to a post from someone else in this thread (mods have since moved this discussion to a new thread of its own). My comments were in no way aimed at you, sorry for the confusion.

Now, AdRev usually lift claims within a few hours when you go through their form, a couple days at most. I have never heard of 30 day delays. If that were the case, it would of course be unacceptable, but as of yet, yours is the only account of such extreme time. As you keep mentioning “dispute”, are you sure you are indeed using the AdRev form and not YouTube’s dispute process which can indeed take much longer?

As I said, in my previous reply to you, I do understand that the whole thing may be a hassle and disrupt your workflow. But it is a YouTube thing, they need to fine tune and smooth out their process.

By buying non-registered music, you are actually exposing yourself and your customers to getting fraudulent copyright claims, as non protected music is systematically targeted by fraudsters. Eventually all music, but public domain and loop kits, will be registered anyway. Of course you are free to make your choice, in my opinion it’s not the right one, but I sure hope it will work out for you :slight_smile: