why i was hard rejected ?

**Why it was rejected ? if anyone know plz let me know , it’s my first time and am kinda disappointed **

hi the first and main problem that I suddenly see, this is that we do not know spontaneously what your item is supposed to be … this quite looks like a mockup as far as the preview goes though what is written is very misleading if so as this makes people feel like this is a brochure design. This is very much of an issue. Then if this is a mockup I think that the effect that u have made is more disturbing than bringing anything to the table, pls keep in mind that people supposed to use it will be expecting to value their item, not your work if u know what I mean. Besides, the lighting does not look super realistic, especially when it comes to the preview including a design indeed …

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thank-you so much for your feedback !
i will improve it and re Upload.