why I upload photoshop text effects are always rejected

why I upload photoshop text effects are always rejected

Photoshop text effects are my specialty, maybe I could give you some tips if you post an image of what you submitted.

hi , well , not sure this is representatitve or not but judging by what i see from the small thumbnail , i am not overly surprised indeed as it looks like that u are not offering a “pack” and the presentation is definitely dark and not “valuing” the text styles

this style

I see a lot that could be improved.

  • Overall too simple. Most of them are just simple gradients and not much else.
  • Inconsistent sizing. You’ve enlarged some of the shorter words to reach the edges of the document, but then kept some of them smaller.
  • Not properly centred. It doesn’t look like any of them are centred in the document.
  • Distracting background. The background has too much going on that it makes it difficult to actually look at the styles.
  • No commercial value. Because of their oversimplicity simplicity, they can be recreated fairly easily, some could even be done in a few seconds, which means that no one really has any reason to buy it.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing. Simplicity is ok, and often a good thing, but in this case, the colours and fonts don’t fit into any modern genre.

Take a look at the most recently accepted layer styles. You’ll see examples of both simple and complex effects. Pay attention to the colours, presentation, textures, and most importantly their usability.

Can you help to give examples of what improvements.

because I’m a beginner in this field

@christiena87 Check this one for your reference or any text style from Giallo. He has some of the best text layer styles on GR.

I would actually recommend some others that have a much stronger portfolio of layer styles.

OK I will study harder.
thank you for the advice and example provided

pls most importantly try to keep coherence in mind indeed … once again with your last set , u had the very same mistake being reproduced … putting, among other things, a series of styles on a determined background , no matter what the kind of style this is … , u do not feel like that there is a discrepancy in terms of style between and pink to blue-gradient-layer style and the “heavy steel” background that this standing above of?
when u have another set requiring “reviewing” pls create a new thread too and pls close this one and check the solution box, good work and good luck