why i need need google recapture anytime?

Please tell me, why i have to anytime google recapture, when i stock video download starting ?

Basically, what happens is: When you download 100 files, you have to enter a captcha. After that, you have to enter a captcha every ten downloads, and finally, before every download a captcha.

If you reach 1000 downloads, your account gets locked, and you have to deliver satisfactory evidence that you use the items in a legit way.

If you take the term unlimited downloads and their policies seriously, you could download singlehandedly 1 million stock videos. Then import the videos into your project session, add some text, download 100K music tracks, and add those to your session. Export and finish 10K videos, and you fulfilled their terms.

Unfortunately, it is not unlimited downloads. It’s 100 fast downloads and the rest slow downloads until it resets. It’s more a marketing term.

It’s cheaper and faster to buy multiple subscriptions than to work slowly with one subscription.

If they really want to pay the artists fairly, they could raise their prices, add donation buttons or give them more artist bonuses or the like.

If you never cancel your subscription, you can meet the terms very simply. I rather have a 3-year subscription where I get the items fast when I need them than wait.

Yeah, lol.