Why I have stopped using envato mostly. credits, prices and search problems.

When Envato / Graphic river stopped using the credit system we nearly stopped using the site completely.

We are a team of several people and it my job is to keep the credits system in check because its my bank acocunt that Paypal is linked to, we cant have all of our team given access to the paypal account. so I bought the credits and my partners (in the same office) would download what they needed. Now tey have to ask for permission each time…and sometimes its 3 in the morning when they are working and I am not.
I am a long time customer withover 500 purchases. I was buying at a rate of 2-3 items per week. Now that has dropped to less than 3 per month.

This ruined things for our workflow and it slowed our production.
and now the site search system shows square objects when rectangle items are being offered, I cannot browse and look for something easily anymore.

I really dislike the system now.

I am disappointed.

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hi this move made no sense at all if u ask all authors and the thing is the impact is felt on us most importantly… this credit system was a guaranty for authors too … not to mention that some guys cannot afford buying apart from using the gain they made with their sales (besides as for me i was considering buying a few things, now i do not think about it anymore), in other words , the only possible consequence was to make sales drop … really not a good move for all people indeed

Precisely the same for us, except that we no longer buy items every month. We had Elements before. Nonetheless, we would buy more from the markets. Now, we use other companies that have a credit system. Envato neglected to hear our complains and suggestions; the credit system was perfect, not only for convenience when you have teams working, but also because it’s super expensive to pay using either PayPal or Visa. Every transaction has extra fees that can amount or even more than 5€ (from using PayPal and a bank account and handling fees etc).