Why i have got hard rejected?

can anyone tell me why my project has been rejected twice? many of templates have less quality, animation,but they were approved…
i can’t improve something because reviewers send me the same every time like “The item does not meet our minimum design, animation, and technical requirements.”.
give me advices, please :C

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I see it is an excellent project, but I think if you make a logo at the final of the show it’s better. Good luck brother and I wish the best for you

Personally, I think you have to improve the typography…
and like @afmotion said , you have to improve the logo too.
Good luck Bro and don’t give up! you’re too close to make a nice item.

Pick more modern,attractive font, red is good can add one or two colors too, and land on logo only at the final. Dont cut the music at the final like this. Keep it rolling just cut a calm low piece from somewhere else in music and connect it to the final part seamlessly.

thanks! but what means “logo at the final of the show”?
i placed logo at the last slide