Why i get only 40%?



I really dont know what happening… i done all and i still dont get even 50%… its funny xD… why i get only 40%!?



I think you are talking about earning, please check here: http://themeforest.net/become-an-author

I hope its help :slight_smile: :thumbsup:



Maybe you could provide some more details? What market you’re selling on, what item you sold, which country you’re in. This is the third thread you’re making on this subject put you never give any information so that anyone could be able to help.


If this was a sale to a US buyer you probably have to pay 10% withholding tax.


hi , i think that this is probably due to a sale in USA if u are exclusive author u get 50 % and if u sale in USA u have an extra fee imposed by IRS so this is decreasing your gains …


yes im from Ukraine and its 10%… for US buyer… but problem is i have 90% of US buyers Dx so i get only 40% every time… But Russia have 0%! xD