Why i didn't get my paw?

I earned a total of $5046 but i didn’t get my badge 4 paw.

Wait after 12.01 am Australian time, you will get your badge tomorrow


Hello. Thanks for answer!

still did not get:pensive: (

I think there is some issue with that system. Top authors list is also not updating on daily basis it’s been almost week since they last updated it.
No change in envato market & videohive rankings (from fun facts tab) as well.

hi, actually i think if you had some refun those refund are still calculated in the global sale amount but in fact your paw will apply when your real sale amount will reach 5000 lets say you have 200 refund $ and 5060$ sale showing then in reality you have 4860$ global sale. That is how i think it work. Unfortunately here people who take care of such calculation are not really rocket scientist if you look in item rating you will also often see example — 95% 5 star — 1% 1 star — 1% 4 — star but where the hell is the 3% missing i still dont know …

Hello! Thanks for help! But why are they given the same paw to those who have not reached the real amount? I also got my current one. You also did not encounter a similar problem? After 5000 every time I wrote that there was not enough 12 I just had 2 sales and the amount was used to 12 and still write that there is not enough $ 12.

Perhaps this is because I saw other authors with 4 paw and they have about the same amount as me

Check now I think they fixed the issue.

All right! Thanks you for all!