Why i can't upluad?


404 - Nothing to see here

Just kidding. There’s plenty to see on PhotoDune. Why not

try a search, or take a look at our Popular files?


Is your submission rules okay? please check again and try again.
Still have same situation get in touch with Envato Customer Success they would like to assist you with an official

you couldn’t help sory, you can diffrent way? i submit a ticket.

I think now one can’t help you at here(Enavto Forum)Only envato team member can help you

Thanks i hope they can help me.

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Sure i thought so

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Maybe they change idea.

I think the problem is that you don’t have Flash Player installed on your PC. I just opened a subject about this, and then I saw your post. I think we are a lot of people who don’t want to use that shitty technology, I hope Envato will let us use the normal file manager instead of Flash.

i did try but didn’t work.