Why i can't upgrade wordpress jQuery verstion for my theme?

My theme is very modern and WordPress jQuery version is too old and this causes many of problems with my theme.

So my question can I upgrade from jQuery 1.11.3 to jQuery 2.2.4?

I choose jQuery version 2.2.4 because it’s modern and very stable and I am sure that this jQuery version is working with any plugin without any errors.

Please anyone advise me because I want to build a modern WordPress theme and I can’t do this with jQuery 1.11.3.

There’s a difference between 1.11 and 2.2
Upgrading it may cause some issues and you may need to rewrite some of the jQuery codes again but you can try

Sure I totally understand that and I know what I will do my problem now that Envato policy says that to accept the themes I must not modify the WordPress jQuery version so what can I do now? if I modify the jquery version Envato will reject my theme?

You cannot modify jQuery and you have to use the latest one that comes with WordPress itself. You need to modify the custom scripts instead, that was my point