Why I can't see the hidden items?

Hello there,

I can’t see the rejected projects under the hidden items.

I can see it under my non-exclusive account but I can’t with an exclusive account. Is there any update about this? If not, how can I fix this?

Edit: Uhh hidden item shows only soft rejected items? How about hard rejection?

Thanks a lot

you can only access the hidden items with the profile you submitted the item and only soft rejected items are on that list, if the item is hard rejected then you’ll just get notified by email.


Thanks a lot, mate. Now it’s much more clear. They are not showing the hard rejected items so you can’t see who is hard to reject your item.

Very clever :slight_smile:

What would you like to do with the information of which reviewer hard rejected you?

Because I would ask for reasons why it hard rejected. I didn’t hard reject yet, fortunately, I asked this for my cousin (he can’t speaking English) but it’s good to learn why I can’t see hard reject under the hidden item.

You can open a thread and ask the community for what they think the reason was.

If reviewers had the time to get in details with hard rejections they would do so in the mail.

I don’t agree with you.

Actually, he had time to write enough long mail about hard rejection.

He said: “we only accept projects that we feel provide exceptional design quality and execution.” and this is not a detail for hard rejection :slight_smile:

I know as a reviewer you might want to support other reviewers but please don’t forget you are also an author. So you know weeks effort deserves more than a button click.

He will post his design in the community to hear about. But what will change? Even thousands of people agree with him, he won’t be able to re-upload. Result? Hundred hours of effort goes to trash.

What is conditions take this item to hard reject?
Weak FPS? Bad motion tracking? Not enough product? Bad rendering? Bad file organising?

This is not good is not a comment. :slight_smile:

No, the reviewer did not write that reply. It’s a template copy paste response. Cmon can you imagine writing a detailed feedback assay for each authors item? That’s unrealistic. And this is a marketplace, not a school. Learn to do things properly and then enjoy your approvals. Until then ask for feedback here in the forums, or elsewhere.

As for what makes a hard reject. Bad fps… well if it’s literally lagging and chopping, not in a nice stylistic way, yeah that would be a reason. Else if its 25fps vs 30fps, that literally doesn’t matter. But if you set it to 13fps for no good reason and it will look bad… Yeah obviously you will get rejected. But if it’s a stop motion animation template, then yeah 13fps is reasonable for such an idea. It all depends on a wider context of what you’re doing, and understanding the boundaries of what is still acceptable as good in that context, based on collective knowledge and standards of this whole motion design / templates field.

Bad motion tracking as well, not enough product too, if that’s the only feature you’re leveraging to get approval with a mundane, nothing new idea. Bad rendering too if there are visible jarring artefacts. Bad file organizing too if the placeholders aren’t clearly labeled and are left somewhere amongst 200 random folders names.

But the the quality level understanding of your own project will come with experience, as you understand what good motion design looks like, and what is an artefact. Then you won’t have to guess if its this or that. And as for technical organizing stuff, you can always buy other authors projects and then look how they organize their stuff and mimic that. Once you master those two aspects things will get easier and clearer.

And then you will most probably get only rejected for either submitting the same ideas to already very saturated categories or for offering too little of the same stuff in a not yet so insanely saturated categories, where the only way to stand out would be too offer more value to customers which usually means more animations, more designs, more whatever else. Good luck!

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Because it is hard rejection

I’m not a reviewer. I am just an author who gets his stuff hard rejected as well.

The mail you got was copy paste or just the auto-mail that is standard for every hard rejection. The reviewer did not write all this.

Many items get submitted here and there is no wonder that with so many items you cannot give everyone an in depth reasoning beyond “not good enough”.

You can open a thread and ask for feedback or leave it. But nobody owes you anything just because you put a lot of hours in something that turned out not good enough.

Well, you guys need to be a reviewer! I’m serious because you have more points than the more reviewers had. And thanks for it.

Atamoiton, what if there are no reasons which you explained? No FTP lack, no Motion track problem, no problem with file organizing? No one asks an assay from the reviewers. At least they can explain the details in the mail as much they wrote and then a soft-reject. Hard rejection is a really serious decision.

Creattive, “But nobody owes you anything just because you put a lot of hours in something that turned out not good enough.”
I agree with that, but this is Envato, not North Korea so I have rights to ask why, isn’t it?

Sure, post a preview of your item and users like Atamotion will give you their opinion why it got hard rejected.

You are allowed to ask, nobody denied that. But reviewers reject many items and I can imagine if only 10% of the rejected people wrote them an email they would have no time to review anymore because all they do is reply to mail.

Reviewers job is to approve or reject, and this does bring a lot of frustration, anger and sometimes harassment from the other party involved. I’m not saying that you would do any of that, but there is an obvious reason why envato stopped showing the reviewer for hard rejections and that is basically protecting their workers when all they do is their job.


I don’t agree but I can understand this perspective. Of course, no one wishes to spend all day long to replying e-mails. But I think the main problem is, authors should be the reviewers? I’m working with almost 10 platforms and Envato is the only platform authors are the reviewer.

Anyway, this is my opinion, and this is yours but this is never gonna end. I know many ppl come up and keep open the topic for the same issue.

Thanks to everyone for their opinions. The topic can be close if admins wish :slight_smile:

The problem that reviewers are also authors has been risen many times. And I do see the point, there can be a conflict of interest here. All I can say is that in the 9 years I am an author here I have not witnessed any wrongdoing by reviewers.

This, of course, is no proof that this won’t happen ever. So you have a fair point.

But this is another topic entirely and I still invite you to post your preview for us all to see if you want feedback.