why i can not download our items afters account expired

since my account expired, why I cannot download my items to use for the declared project

Projects have to be completed whilst you are still subscribed, and as there are no updates or support for elements downloads, there would be no reason for access post subscription whilst this also remians the best way to protect how the marketpalce is used.

projects not completed yet, I have prepared some photos to be used in this project, I have idea that it will be accessible after the end of the subscription so I haven’t stored on my computer.

Unfortunately, the license terms are pretty clear https://elements.envato.com/license-terms

“The license starts when you Register your use of the item and the license is only valid if you complete the End Product while your subscription is active”

“Remember, if you want to use an Item you must have a valid and live subscription”

Without these limitations there is too much risk that people could exploit things and/or stockpile assets.