Why I am not getting sales?

Hi there, I’m an author from 3docean.I am remaining to the market for six month now. And some of my items are approved and I’m very satisfied with the procedure but why i am not getting any sale? Sales and approve is inspiration for us.I’m really disappointed with the sales!!!

How many items do you have? you can see analytics for more information. Try to improve your item quality.

Your items are too simple and the commercial potential is too low. I can easily find free models much better then yours.

You need to add details to your models. Also you need more work on light setup, texturing and overall items presentation in order to attract customers.

Me too dissappointed about my sales

I think i just change my mind envato to free animation…I stopped selling there and started my own studio where i will create the assets on my own and to spread them to the social plattform!!You can join to me as we would do such task together and your name will be in the credit scene

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.