Why hasn't my refund request been answered?

The author called [magentech],the theme called TopDeal.
I have submitted a refund request on the first day of purchase (April 24, 2021) and have not received a response from the author, who answered some questions, which I thought might be resolved later, but as time went on, I found that the problems were growing, and not just for me, and a large number of people in the comments section asked similar questions.
Problemes such as:Installation theme and demo version is not the same, and many modules are missing, some places have a lot of blank, resulting in a very ugly style, and some pages have a large area of garbled code, do not know how to deal with. It’s not just me, there are buyers in the comments section who have the same problem with feedback. This caused a lot of trouble to my website construction work. And even not only this theme, the other themes this author offered have huge low evaluation in the comments and ratings areas,Why allow such authors to offer such inferior products here, but can you arrange a refund for me quickly? When can I get a reply about the refund?

I feel so disappointed, this is the third theme I buy from themeforest, it is the badest and the most expensive one, the former two only need to be easily modified in the background.

I am a poor migrant worker, I spent $71 to buy a completely unusable theme, spent a lot of time, now I am too disappointed, too desperate, my English is not good, only hope to post to get official attention, give me a quick refund, then I can go to buy a new theme installation site, hope to get everyone’s help, thank you!

If I can’t get a refund yet, I’ll co-sponsor a refund request with the buyers in the comments area, or send the author to jail!

Hi @wellqingzheng,

Hope You requested a refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules.

if the author does not respond to the refund request within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.


Since I’ve submitted a refund request before, I don’t see the options for this topic at all on the application page.
Thanks so much for your reply.

Please open Help ticket and let them know. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.

When I submitted the information, then the website was disconnected, unable to submit information at all, asking for help, and now my request for a refund page can not select the “TopDeal” topic, how can I get help? Is there never a response?

I can’t see my refund details. And I have been unable to submit a refund request again because I have previously submitted a refund request but have not received any response so far.

I haven’t be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato, But it’s been more than seven days, so why?

go to your Dashboard then the Refunds page. On the refunds page, you will see your refunds request lists, if not found from the dropdown choose ‘closed request’. then go to your request page by clicking the request item title and you can check the status. if you like to can raise a dispute. otherwise, contact Envato customer support and open a help ticket, you don’t need to open a new refund request.

I can find dashboard, but I can’t find refund, can you give me a link?

Uploading: dashboard.png…

This is dashboard, right?

I can’t find the theme now. It caled “TopDeal”

open a help ticket here: Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center

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when you ask the author Why the header is so different to the demo? it is a little bit not good looking because something didn’t show, and the gap are still there. One day past no reply, you are so happy to find the answer from 380 historical reviews and author responses by yourself, I am so happy that day.I buy this theme at April 24. 1 day past.

When you ask the author which called “magentech”, why the header finally become normal, but how to correct the footer? The next day you get the answer, After importing our demo data, the ID of menu is changed. Therefore, you need to edit the footer template with Elementor => then edit each navigation menu widget and add a menu for it. When you ask the author should I buy Elementor Pro to let my website act like your demo one? The author answer: To active Elementor Pro, please provide us your site info including admin account. I will active this plugin by our license for you. Till now I don’t know if I want my website to act like the demo one, I must to ask for the author to help? Or not? I don’t know till now. 3 days past.

Yes, I really ask you “are you blind”, because I see the attached picture,!
finally, I found it is because my browser cache problem (I guess), I apologize to the author at the first time, more faster than any answer of the author, But everyone noticed that the author’s first words were to scold me and keep me polite, which meant that he didn’t accept my apology the first time, and he finally caught his poor, only life-saving straw.

When you ask the author can you tell me the specific steps to modify the footer? Because when I switched from Theme 1 to Theme 8, the footer section was different from the demo version, could you tell me the specific steps? One day past, the author answer a link, it is:STEP 1: Go to your site in the Dashboard and navigate to Template > Theme Builder STEP 2: Choose the Footer Style/ Header you want to edit with Elementor STEP 3: Click on button Edit with Elementor to open the editing window for the footer.STEP 4: Now, click on the Save Options arrow and choose Display ConditionsSTEP 5: After that, choose to Add Condition Include Entire Site to apply this footer style to your entire website. OVER, It seems to me that the answer is like, how many steps does it take to put an elephant in the fridge? Answer: Three steps, the first refrigerator door opens, the second puts the elephant in, and the third, closes the refrigerator door. What did the author answer? When you ask the author why isn’t the vendor list page there? I saw a vendor list in the demo version. The author answered Because your site hasn’t had a vendor plugin. Vendor dashboard、vendor registration、vendor store、vendor membership…These pages may not exist in your website. Although these are displayed in the demo version, they are not available on the website you installed because this requires a plug-in. You build these pages yourself after you install them, right? Then what am I buying your theme for? When you ask the author Why this black heart isn’t in the center position, the demo one is right in the center, how to adjust it? The author directly solved this problem for you, but you still know why this mistake happen, and you don’t know how to do. When you install other topics in this theme pack, you still can’t change them yourself, and when you want to find the author, your 6 months of support may be out of date. 4 days past.

When you say you can’t find the page"fashion & accessories" 、 the page" travel & vacation"just like the demo one ,The author tell you That is only menu demo!It means demo is demo, the theme you download is the theme you download, that is, the theme you download is different from the demo you see! what?11days past. That means if you buy the theme around May 1st, You may have 6 days blank, because the author will need about 6 more days for Labor Day and don’t know which country they are from.11days past

When you feel so tired, you just want to ask for refund just like the first day you have do, the author answered: We are so sorry that Due to the policy of Themeforest, your refund request isn’t accepted.

Throughout the process, I initially intended to use the weekend two days to complete the site construction, but if you are an overview of the overall situation and then do it person, you will waste more than 10 days in figuring out how to solve N more problems, this is my third theme bought in themeforest, this theme is the worst I feel, is a theme that makes you feel that the problem is endless, is a theme that can not let you build the site quickly, this is my final evaluation, And I have the right to say so, all my past has been expressed here.

Finally, since the author has exposed my WEB site, I hope everyone will visit my website more in the future, Oh, thank you, polite author, polite magentech.

I understand your frustration @wellqingzheng but unfortunately this is a situation that can not be managed via these forums. Please note that is against Envato’s policy to call out items or users on the forums.

Please contact Envato Support via this link → Envato Market Help and Support and explain this situation. The team will be able to assist. I’m closing and unlisting this thread. As I’ve mentioned, it escalated up to the point where nothing can be done here and it is also against Envato’s Community Guidelines.

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