Why has one author 60 pages of stock videos at new releases page?

How would it be for you to get 4000 approved today?
Poor me, I had to pass through so many rejections to have 500 clips here in almost 6 years. Now who knows if any of my items will have some exposure when Envato gets “hundreds” of authors with thousands of items accepted in one day, 99% of them without reviewing.
If you are selling stocks and have low sales, now you can see another reason why this is happening.
This is an example of how many small business in the world perished because big corporations assimilated almost the markets.

My guess it’s because this author is an agency with huge portfolio and had a private arrangement with Envato. Something similar happend on AJ recently.

That’s for sure. But it’s not fair for the rest of us. We are Exclusive authors and we lost a lot of exposure because of this. They are over saturating the market.

welcome to the strange things that u can see here lol like having a guy with 19 out of 24 of the first page slots and so on … LOL