Why has my website suddenly stretched?


I was working on the backend of my website today and suddenly noticed the pages look massive when I updated and refreshed my site. It has thrown all of my pictures off, and now my website looks like a child designed it. The rest of my laptop looks normal so I have not zoomed my pages. Can anyone help please?


To see what’s wrong first we need to see your website or at least screenshot of it.


Thank you Major Themes. I have turned the private setting off so you should be able to see my site at curiotrips.com


Have you been able to access my website?


Screenshot of my website, which is suddenly looking too big, and has been for the whole of today. I have not intentionally changed anything that would have caused this.


Your site looks absolutely fine on all browsers on my laptop.

Have you cleared your cache in the browser? Have you checked the zoom settings in the browser? (this is different from the zoom on the rest of your laptop). Try hitting CMD 0 (or ctrl 0) if on PC and see what happens…


You should disable your browser zoom.
I think it will fix everything :smile:


THANK YOU both so much. I feel like a bit of an idiot that that’s all it was! Your help is much appreciated :smile:


You’re welcome :smile: