Why has it been rejected?

Hey guys! Please, help me to understand the reasons of rejection of this track: Love Flower by Kimradius Music | Free Listening on SoundCloud
I thought it’s good enough for the AJ but got a rejection today.

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I think this is pretty close to acceptable level to be honest. If I had to suggest improvements, I think the overall track could use more variation and dynamic contrast. You have some amount of variation just from introducing new instruments, which is good… but the section from 0:55 to 2:15 is like a minute and a half of the exact same dynamic level.

The strings could use some movement as well… more crescendo and decrescendo. Not sure if you did a little of this already, but for an emotional piece like this, those rises and falls in energy are very important. The whole thing sounds a bit too static at the moment.

Finally, I think the melody could be improved. A melody composed entirely of whole and half notes is okay but it’s not fast or interesting enough to catch the listener’s attention or be memorable. There’s nothing really wrong with your melody, but if it were me I would really let the irish flute shine and take center stage… it’s a unique sound and IMO deserves to be the “star” of the piece rather than just another background instrument.

These are all small suggestions, though. I would imagine that this could have been accepted, perhaps, if a different reviewer had listened to it. The overall mix sounds pretty well balanced to me and the musical ideas have good potential.