Why hard rejection? Give advice and your opinion about my track.

Hello, Everybody. I was waiting for 18 days and after I got a mail with hard rejection. It was my first item here, so I want to ask you advice - why?

IGGITA · Onion Juice (prewiew)My hard rejected track

Thanks guys!

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hi try to completely remove the percussion and upload the track again

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Good composition you did.
But it is a bit experimental for media composition. That moogy lead sound is unnecessary I think. You could continue with that piano theme to the end. That snare sound at 1:10 is also inappropriate.

The point is actually, you have to stick with a certain theme. There are so much ideas here as we see in the most of rejected tracks. Modulation is fine but you dont have to do it.

Do not forget, we compose for media.
Well done and good luck!

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