Why Hard Rejected?


Appreciate your help. None of my items have so far been approved by AudioJungle. The following is one of them. I would appreciate some advice. I searched through Envato Author Help Center, but it has not yet worked.

“Stream In A Dream”

For reference, my website is below:


The glaring issue here is the drums. They sound really unprofessional. Poor quality of samples used and the rhythm pattern just doesn’t work with those sounds.

There are other issues with the bass being too prominent as well as the strings sounding too artificial, but the drums are an instant deal breaker.

Composition wise, maybe it lacks direction and dynamics, but I like the soothing piano arpeggio.

I hope my words are not too harsh, they are not meant to hurt.

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Thank you for the candid comments.

Hi!!! You posted a link to Soundcloud, but this track is not there. Maybe you can try another way to let us listen to your track and help you find errors in this item. Sorry for my English.

Thanks for the care and sorry to be late to get back to you. Now the link works again.

I will express my opinion. So: there are 4 instruments here - Strings, Bass, Percussion, and a leading Piano. Arrangement and musical part (harmony, melody, instruments, etc.)- it’s all right. The problem is the sound quality. The sound is cloudy, opaque, dirty - this is a problem of frequency balance. This frequency balance depends on the sound of each instrument. The Bass is buzzing, it is desirable to reduce the frequencies in the region of 90 Hz and increase the frequencies from 150 Hz to 3000 Hz- shelf. The Piano is muddy, it is desirable to increase the frequencies of 1500 Hz - 5000 Hz. Strings - slightly lower the frequency of 100 Hz - 120 Hz, boost a little around 330 Hz and boost (give shine) 5000 Hz - 15000 Hz. Percussion - can be left unchanged. But that’s not all. As you know, there is no sound in stereo in nature, the sound is only in mono, reverberation (a reflections) makes the sound three-dimensional. Based on this, make the Bass, Piano in mono, Strings and Percussion - lower the “side” component (lower the width of the sound). And to give each instrument width and three - dimensionality using vst “reverb” and “delay”.
Good Luck.
Sorry for my English.

Thanks for the specific advice!

My item has been approved for the first time! I was trying to refine its sound quality not a few times, based on the comments and advice by PurpleFog and bobfox.
A lot of thanks!



Try to use the track without drum/percussion

A lot of thanks for the advice!
I have been studying my music and I will.

Appreciate help with another hard rejected one.

I really liked Your music!! But it is not bright enough, there are not enough high frequencies. In this video Where I Am_EDIT I tried to fix something. Unfortunately, I don’t speak English and I can’t comment on my actions on this video. Perhaps You will understand what and how I tried to do to improve the sound of music.
Good luck!!!

In the context of various creative platforms such as design marketplaces, freelance sites, or content submission platforms, “Hard Reject” is the term used to indicate that the submitted work or item has been rejected. is rejected in its entirety and it will neither be accepted nor reconsidered.
Quality standards: The work may not meet the quality standards or guidelines set by the platform. It may not meet the required level of professionalism or originality. Terms Violation: Submission may violate the Terms of Service or Platform Guidelines. This may include copyright infringement, plagiarism, or other policy violations.

Thanks for the advice with the video. Now I am studying the item from various viewpoints including your advice.

Thanks for being so kind to explain the terminology.

I was trying to improve the item by going back to the mixing process but unfortunately, rejected again. Anyway, really appreciated the advice. Will try again in a future after restudying it, while working on other new items. Thanks a lot.

Hi !!!
Don’t despair, my friend. We, the authors on Envato, probably all received a rejects. Personally, the rejects upsets me too, but at the same time, it pushes me to a deeper study of the music production process. As they say, “if you don’t learn to fall, you won’t learn to walk.” The great masters of audio engineering, such as Chris Lord-Alge, Dave Pensado and others did not immediately become masters. So, take patience and diligence in one hand, take the desire to achieve your goal in the other hand, and hit the road. Sorry for my English.
Good luck!!!