Why hard rejected?

Hi. I create new background video but its hard rejected. What should i do? Why my item hard rejected?.Help me please. Video link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGQQ-gPZlzM&feature=youtu.be

Because it’s really low quality.
You can add something like AO, render it with v-ray/physical render to add some shadows/highlights near the edges. This one is just too flat and easy to do.

And look through the market, i think there are bunch of this kind of low polys

is it really low quality?? i upload many video videohive .and same quality… And i dont know vray with after effects?

I agree with DREAMYARD_Visuals, it is pretty, but there are some easy ways to do that these days, there are a lot already like this one.

Have to agree with what the other said. All the best in improving it.

You have a point. I understand. Thank you :slight_smile: