Why hard rejected with no comment ?

Hi all !
Here is comment from reviewer of previously submission :

This item has a great idea behind it but I’m afraid this functionality’s niche has been sufficiently filled by a number of other great items here on CodeCanyon and elsewhere on the web and I think we’re reached a point of saturation. At this point, we’re only looking for unique variations of this feature: for another one to be approved it would have to have a couple of unique features that differentiate it from what ’s already available.

I have just submitted item again and i got hard rejected with no comment.
anyone can help me with this issue ? Is it a standard code issue?

frontend :

thank you in advanced !

  1. you’d need to share the demo link if you want feedback

  2. of you resubmitted without marking significant updates then you run the risk of your account being blocked

  3. it sounds pretty clear that there are too many other similar items already and that you need to create more premium features to make it distinct and different

Why “with no comment?” You got a comment (and quite unambiguous).
Reupload without change is prohibited by rules of the site. You may be banned. So be careful. In any case, if you want advice from your colleagues, it would be nice to show your rejected item here.

1, you can check demo here:

frontend :

2, I made changes before re-submit item

i made changes before re-submit and got hard rejected with no comment

It seems that your changes were not significant, and did not bring things about which the reviewer wrote to you into your item. All that is left is to wait for advice from your colleagues

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This isn’t a category I know well but can see where the reviewer is coming from.

To have a chance with this one you need to modernise and improve the front end design and find a way to add more premium functionality (tough with something like this unfortunately)

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