why hard rejected this flyer?

When you remove the image, there’s nothing left. The rest can be managed within a minute.

Thank you.

Same as always, no creativity.

Here is an example, this is for a client and NOT uploading for GR so i don’t need feedback.
It is just an example for you to create something creative ( and not within minutes ).
I am waiting for some dj names so i left some space.

I am working for 1 hour and 15 minutes now to created the basics,
Balls and swimming pool is created in Blender.
The trees are from shutterstock but so what.

Now i will add more details by adding some animals like a sitting or flying parrot, tukan, frogs, butterflies, some summer stuff to fill the bottem and around the pool, like a cocktail, beach chair, flying ballons for depth and a nice background.

Then i will add watersplashes for the woman body to make it one with the water.

At last i will add a lot of light fx to make the flyer coherse.

Hope it will help you to create a unique design.

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