Why Hard Rejected My Landing Page

Could you please suggest what I have done wrong. In which area I need to improve in order to get approved?

Here is the demo link: https://theme.softweb-it.com/landing_page/LDP1.7/

+the template is too short
+some sections needs visual hierarchy
+purple and yellow are too funky
+template seems like block on top of block (try creative section separators)
+bad use of negative/white space
+change the colors find a color harmony
+needs more aesthetic feels to it

check the latest app templates landing pages (sort by new) and see how they do it

good luck

Try to beat the new designs of the app landing them . Compare your theme with the latest one in the theme forest.

Why should the user pay the same amount of money to you while he will get better theme in theme forest ( THINK ABOUT IT )