why hard rejected my 3 partnership items ?

why hard rejected my partnership project again and again. **

I have submitted 3 partnership items with ticket id one Vue and the others are React Redux eCommerce items

**. the reviewer said it’s not a quality stander but my project HTML version is existing in Themeforest with the latest update.

what is my fault?

You need to share the demo links if you want feedback

My partner items on tf

  1. Stepmeds - Medical Equipment Store eCommerce HTML Template by BDevs
  2. Retbo - Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Theme by Theme_Pure | ThemeForest
  3. Qash - Cryptocurrency Exchange Dashboard HTML Template + Light and Dark by CodeeFly

My items

  1. https://stepmeds.vercel.app/
  2. https://retro-beryl.vercel.app/
  3. https://qcash.vercel.app/

To be fair these do not look bad. As you have the ticket IDs and consent, typically this would mean that the issue sits with the revised code. Even then hard rejects is unusual.

May be try reaching out to support and see if (there’s no guarantee) the reviewers might be able to offer more info Envato Authors Help and Support

If they don’t give New Authors a chance, how will New Authors get this opportunity?

the new .v. established author concern is mostly a myth - it doesn’t matter who you are as long as the expected originality, and execution is up to scratch


There are some design flaws in this item, especially spacing and alignment. Mobile views do not look good either. Only quality will grant you entry there is no such thing as new vs old authors. Old ones get hard rejects as well. But they know what it takes to be approved. That’s why it doesn’t happen very often.

You have to find the recipe yourself, that’s how the game rules are.