Why Hard rejected mockup

i want to know why was my mock up hard rejected please !!
here is a link to it…

Share an image preview here not the item download link

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This your upload in themeforest? it’s only your upload graphicriver

on graphic river

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Edges are poorly cut out and defined

The general mix of this demo looks chaotic

Presumably, you have other demons of different colors/styles/effects/fabrics

One single front-on perspective is not really enough and it should show the mock up in different angles, options etc.

Picking one at random (only sold 1 copy since April) Men's Tank-Top Mock-Up Set by Freeman_Studio | GraphicRiver look at all the different crease effects and natural options it offers

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i uploaded more than 5 views
here is another one

Again with respect this is very poorly cut out ad the edges look awful

There are many free tank top psds available by Googling - anything being sold here has to have something unique and be pixel-perfect in design