Why hard rejecte(Quality standard) PSD Template? Please help me.

This is my fourth submission. Previous works have been rejected, and I have noticed my flaws, and I have read them more carefully. But surprisingly, it was rejected in less than 24 hours.
This is home page

Any feedback?

The design is not a bad starting point but this is a super hard category to get approved in and there is still several things missing to add the necessary value

  • the design is quite basic and the moment and needs more to it

  • variations of some sections like portfolios, individual work pages etc.

  • I would suggest creating a multipage version as well as the one page one to add more premium value and uniqueness

Hi and thanks. This template contains 13 pages and I only left the home page for review. Do you think there are problems with typography, distance, padding, color and ets.? Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Your design has some potential points for improvement.

  1. Make the first section more attractive. It looks empty and unfinished. 01/06 counters – are not noticeable. Actually it doesn’t look like a slider at all.
  2. Font size of buttons and slider controls elements is too large.
  3. Titles for projects in “Works” section are not noticeable.
  4. Services section looks really messed in terms of typography.
  5. Official companies logos are not permitted to place in design. Use some dummy ones.
  6. Overall sections design looks too repetitive. Place some more sections with other unique layouts.