Why Hard Reject

Pleas give Best Feedback only

  1. The main problem of your item is typography. Try to gather more knowledge about typographic hierarchy bro.
  2. Change the background image. It’s looking bad.
  3. Some texts are hard to read. Improve their brightness.
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the footer one maybe ok though this is not having exactly enough contrast so that this is super readable … adn in my view he should drop a shadow instead of making things easier to read … and decrease the opacity the sahdow he drops until he find the right percent of it so that the text can be read and the shadow does not make the thing look bad …

at this stage u have a real problem with font and spacing as i explained in the other thread
, try also to make the central text really more outstanding, noticeable and well arranged in the focus point of the eye (the center of teh page)

your shadows, when u have some , look very anarchically placed , u have to make sure that this is coherent and harmonious, try to think about the proportion in trems of size also this will help to make the thing looks realistic

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Though you are right in some points I don’t think so at all.

What do you mean by this? You know what readability is the backbone of a design.

this means that if he adds a shadow to the text and reduces the shadow until he can make it smooth and acceptable visually it will increase gamely the readability of his texts …as it will make it pop up from the background. THere are others options indeed but this one is one of the possible ones indeed