Why hard reject this project?

A standard letter. Why moderator hard reject this my project?
I see no reason - the project was made simply and qualitatively, help available, sound made specifically and was attached to the project free.

All the blobs moving around so fast makes the animation feel clunky. There’s a certain harshness to the edges of the mesh, could be fixed with some motion blur. The mesher should be a little more tight, the water is breaking up too easily

Background can’t just be a radial gradient, that just appears lazy. You should develop it more, maybe add background particles, sprites.

I do like it though, it’s a very ambitious idea, and ambitious projects need more work and attention to detail in general. Don’t give up!

Thank you, i can try to add … But I have a feeling that the project will be again rejected anyway … it is very bad that they do not explain the real reason …

There are hundreds of submissions every day, maybe thousands. It’s quite impossible to explain the reason in detail to each and every one

I understand, but if do not point out mistakes, they can repeat themselves, and all have a lot of useless work.
This is not beneficial to anyone…normal work can be thrown out forever, if the author does not know what to do with it…and this is already a loss to both the manufacturer of the goods and the store

Alright listen. At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you whether you succeed or not. It’s up to you to improve your craft. Examine other good items, projects, explore new techniques, practice consistently etc. Nobody is going to hold your hand and tell you exactly what you have to do.

Second, just because you spend time on something, does not mean it will automatically generate money. Keep in mind that people usually have 2 or 3 failed businesses before they have a successful one.

I’m not talking only about myself. In the real trade, stores work closely with the producers of goods. And they always point out the shortcomings of the goods precisely, to make a return of goods and so that the manufacturer can improve it. This is a common practice in real business. In general, there is no point in arguing, let it be as it is. You are right, here the goods are very different and it is simply unrealistic to answer everything in detail.

That’s very different though. Unless it;s some crazy new invention that nobody has ever seen before, it’s pretty easy to point out the shortcomings of a ‘product’ as there’s always something to compare it to, and products usually have a defined structure and purpose… so if it’s not serving that purpose, or it has shortcomings, they’re easy to identify.

In comparison, if there are any specific failings in your item, then those will be explained to you. You’ll get a soft reject and it will be explained what you need to do to get it approved. You’ve included an incorrect file format, your preview image is the wrong size, your description is inaccurate, you’ve formatted the file wrong.

But when it comes to the quality standards and the commercial appeal of an item, there is always going to be a subjective decision that needs to be made… the result of which can’t always be easily put into words. Any any feedback would take the form of two different approaches. The first would be telling you what was wrong with the item. But would that help? If the reviewer thinks the fonts are terrible, does that help… I mean you didn’t think they were terrible or you wouldn’t have used them… so what are the odds of you then choosing a great font, just by knowing that your first one was terrible?

The second approach is to tell people what they need to do to get the item approved. That opens a massive can of worms as the reviewers would then be dictating what you should do when a whole host of different approaches might have ended up looking better. If there are five or ten reviewers, then a whole bunch of projects would end up having five to ten of the same fonts, or five to ten of the same backgrounds etc etc. It should be you who is bringing something unique to the table, it shouldn’t be up to the reviewers to mold your item into what they feel will be a winning item. Variety is the spice of life!

Also, aside from the masses of time it will take for reviewers to provide this feedback (thus considerably extending the review queues), it might breed laziness when it comes to what people submit. Imagine… I upload a ten second video of a pure white screen. From one to two seconds I keyframe the opacity of the Envato placeholder logo from 0% to 100%. At eight seconds to nine seconds, I keyframe it from 100% back to 0%. I then submit my item with instructions on how to swap out the logo for your own. You’re the reviewer… what feedback would you give for me to get it approved?

Something like that would take a lot of work to get approved, so the feedback is going to be long, and complex, and you would be the one deciding on what happens in the ident and what it looks like. That just wouldn’t work.

All I can advise is the same as Voxyde… check out other items on the marketplace, sort by sales, see what works and what doesn’t work. You’re best searching by ‘submitted in the last year’ as well… older items might skew your impression on what sells and what will get approved etc.

Thanks for the answers, it is very useful to hear the opinion experts! Respect.

It is clear that it is difficult for moderators and authors with feedback, it is simply impossible to answer all the works.

I’ll try to improve this project taking into account the comments mentioned here.

Has improved the project, added the dynamics of water.
I do not know what else can be done so as not to spoil the project.
Sound FX is attached free of charge.
Similar projects are sold well, but this item, buyers do not see.

Who will say why again hard rejected?

Hello all! Who can answer?

Forget about simulations, about other projects on Videohive. Learn basics of composition, design and animation. White logo, white text on white background! Why?

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Hi. Thanks for attention.

I worked a lot with 3D particles and 3D liquids.
This is a difficult direction of 3D animationand I’m not the only one working with it.
Fire, smoke, fluids are sold on Videohive not only from other authors, but also from me.
Basics of composition, design and animation i studied, i working in 3D many years, including 3D characters.
The color of the logo, background and water easily change in my project - see Demo.

About which simulations you speak? And why should i forget about them and about the projects on Videohive?

Liquid simulations. I tell you to forget it, because you concentrate on it too hard. Because you look at other projects and don’t look at your own work. You don’t see basic things, basic mistakes. If the colors are customizable, why did you choose white logo on white background? And your water drops looks like swarm of flies.

Light Demo - White with a shadow on white is a clean color (I like clean color)
Dark Demo - White logo on a black background - this is a contrast example
Это Demo examples , and then - the buyer’s taste - quick color settings

Here water in space - particles fluids always flies (weightlessness) , then the particles attract to the sphere, gravity turns on and water drains, the sphere repels excess particles and opens the logo.

It is not visible?

P.S. The project is called “Water Space Logo Opener”

You ask for feedback. I told you my opinion.

Thank you! It was interesting to me. I answered your opinion with my opinion.
In communion, truth is born. Pleased to meet you!

There are subjective opinions, they are all different, especially in art.
This is normal, but the real solution to the problem has not yet been found.

Change of the project still led to its hard rejected.
So what concretely should i do next so that the buyers can see this project?

bro i can see that you made some sales you are not beginner at all in videohive
you have talent in fluid simulation part but you are missing whole concept
and composition and execution part which every one is telling about ?
I would recommend try to create a concept first dont follow that already in videohive.
if you need real motivation see raoulmarks.com how they do execution.
as i told you are not beginner by this time you might have an idea how videohive sales works.
if you are project is not good enough to look even though if it is approved it will not sell might get few sales and stops.
which is not good for your hardwork. all the best for your future work.

If update endlessly, after hard reject the project is not seen by buyers, and can never be seen and never will be able to be sold .

Here i already do not know what to do. If change the story - it will be another project.

Can it be better to throw it out forever and do something else - completely different?

I already so threw away most of my items…