Why Hard Reject? Please some thoughts

Please help me understand why this was hard rejected:


I love the track idea, for me bass/synth/guitar part at aprox 1:15 sounds weird a bit. Same goes to 1:40.

Another reason - where could you put such kind of track? Movie trailer - definetly no. Ads - may be. Nature/Documentary videos - not sure.

It is nice experimental track, but imho not really fits for stock audio.

best regards

P.S. It might fits for fear and loathing in las vegas! :smiley:

Yes I agree with TitanSlayer. In my opinion this idea is interesting. I can imagine maybe some actions with main character in blockbuster film. I agree with reviewer that is not for this audio stock. And I dont like the synth which starting by 1 minute, it’s also one of the reasons. Best regards! Good luck with U’r stuff :blush:

What’s wrong with blockbuster film?

I would put it in my project :slight_smile: Just so it clears up the myth of this type of music not being good for the stock music.

Nice idea and to me the organ fits, but the melody has to stay straight. A bit kill Bill ambiance ?

I think this track sounds great. Sonically i think it sounds fine I don’t hear anything odd or uncomfortable to listen to. I also think this would be a perfect stock audio track. It evolves very slowly and there are no sudden shifts that are jarring to listen to. I could totally hear this against a life style video or a product demonstration. I also think that if you looked through out the site you would probably find similar audio to this one, so why it was rejected is beyond me. I know reviewers have a lot to listen to but even the smallest amount of feed back would be better than nothing to go on at all. It would be better for the site and the community as a whole because then you could zero in on what needs to be changed or improved upon. As it stands you’re probably wondering " Is the style wrong?", “is the production bad?”, “Do I just need to re-eq the track?”. Who knows the only choice you have is to copy what you see selling or just close your eyes and randomly throw stuff out there and hope that something hits. Another thought is maybe you have just written the next biggest thing in stock audio but everybody is so focused on what is that they can’t see what will be. Maybe you’er just to far ahead of the curve. In all sincerity I really do like this track and AJs loss will be someone else’s gain. I hope that you submit to another library and have great success.

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Well they are forcing us to do so…
Thanks for nice words :slight_smile:

Thanks Kurlykovs :slight_smile:

I didn’t see the movie, maybe I will now that you mentioned it :slight_smile:

Well for me there is a weird frequency spike happening around 15.7-15.8kHz that’s especially noticeable that occurs all the way through the track, starting on the one beats - it sounds like metallic breathing. Not sure if this is intentional or not, because it is rhythmic, but because it exists at such a weird frequency, it sounds metallic and grating to my ears. It might sound okay in the WAV file with higher frequencies still present, but because SoundCloud limits their files to 128 kbps MP3’s, frequencies above 17kHz are thrown away, so if there is more to this sound it is getting clipped out on SoundCloud.

Reason enough for hard reject? Possibly. Doesn’t seem like a hard issue to fix, but probably a hard issue for reviewer to take the time to explain. Otherwise I don’t really have any issues with your track.

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I agree with Adam. There is some strange behavior happening in the highs. Whilst it may be a desired effect, it sounds like a compression artifact. This may be the reason for the rejection, though I’m inclined to agree with the consensus here that the track is a little outlandish - meaning, it likely wouldn’t fit within enough applications to be commercially viable here on AJ. The key to a great track on AJ in my opinion, is to strike the perfect balance between originality and usability. A track that’s both unique, but also has potential in a wide variety of uses is what you should be striving for. In my opinion, I think it’s a great standalone track, but whether it has potential to sell here I’m not certain.

Well they have less commercial categories such as experimental. Strangeness and originality shouldn’t be the reason for any rejection

I’m definitely not saying it’s down to that and only that; it may be a combination of things. We can never know for sure, but we have to respect the reviewers’ decisions, and trust that there was a valid reason behind the rejection.

Oh I respect, just not feeling good when some good work and effort goes down the drain like that.

It reminded me of this:


And A.J. said it wasn’t not commercial…

I like the track, but I don’t think it is very “cinema” like. It would be good for commercials. The one sound that kind of threw me off was the high ambient synth that replaces the organ melody @ 1:36- it kinda sounds like a haunting ghostly halloween synth. I don’t think it fits the track. But I like the rest of the track, good idea, but I don’t think you should market it as cinematic music.

Thank you all

For me, it gets old after about a minute. I know it evolves a bit, but I would have taken the drums out for a bit, maybe done some congas for 8 bars, something other than than the same drum beat for the entire track. I think the idea and instrumentation is OK, but the same drums throughout cause me to lose interest.

I disagree that it is not commercial enough. I think the vibe is plenty commercial enough. For me, the arrangement needs to be mixed up a bit, particularly in the area of drums and percussion. Personally, I would rework this from that perspective and resubmit.