why hard reject for this logo ?

Hello everybody ,
What is the problem with this logo for it to be hard rejected ?
please help !!!

I think the geometry matters here, consider the horn (I dont’ know exactly how it says in English but I means the upper part over the head) of the deer should be balanced in left and right equal halves, and also the edges of the horn should be more perfect I guess it feels like those are drawn with a brush tool. and always try to composite everything to depict the golden rectangles, download a golden rectangle illustrator template and try to depict your logo with that alignments so it defines that your alignments are professional. Make sure you are providing scalable vectors and correct formats. Finally the two text lines are also not aligned well. Consider overall alignment as well


hi anchor , thank you for help,
yes you have right i will fix all this mistakes and try again
thank you so much

J’ai un ami graphiste qui est en France, et je pense que le problème vient que la création à la Française, Evanto en veut pas ou très peu.
Regarde les créations qui’l fait aussi : All my creations refused for a year

Tout est rejeté par Evanto depuis un an