Why give new customers $12 dollars per month and let excisting customers pay $198.00 per year..

I just had a new recurring payment of $198 dollars on the 17th of november… this is very unfair and disrespectful for paying customers (like me) that have been around for a few years… Why?

If you are subscribed to Envato elements then this is a recurring subscription unless you cancel it.

If you don’t want the subscription then don’t download anything and contact elements help Envato Elements Help and Support

Dear @charlie4282, I’m afraid you’re wrong.

This is pure discrimination against existing users. Such a practice of discrimination was practiced by teleoperators and is prohibited. Where do you see the logic of discriminating against existing customers (who are a secure source of income) versus new ones, to whom you give a better price? To me, the only logic is greed or business incompetence.
If you publicly give better terms to someone you don’t know, versus someone who already gives you money, it’s no wonder existing customers feel bad. It is not a contract between two clients where the price is a trade secret.
I must also mention that such a practice is legally prohibited within the European Union.

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This sounds like an annual renewal. As per terms this happens until it is cancelled.

Buyers could cancel that one and take out the cheaper offer (assuming that it was purchased on Cyber Monday) but it would be a new subscription.

No business makes exclusive 1 day offer prices available in or around the promotional period. This is certainly not illegal in the EU.

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No it is not illegal, but it is illegal to deny existing users that right, i.e. that same offer. This is pure discrimination and is subject to very high fines within the EU, which have already been paid by many large companies.

The problem is in this discriminatory condition: “Offer strictly excludes current subscribers.”

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How are envato denying them the offer? All they have to do is open the exclusive subscription like any new buyer would.

This offer is only exclusively available (to anyone) on this one day. The above comment relates to a renewal which took place almost 2 weeks ago (when the offer was not avalaible).

There is no difference even for those whose subscription expires today, all existing subscribers are excluded by the discriminatory condition: “Offer strictly excludes current subscribers”

It would be good for the responsible persons in Evnato to consult with their legal team, as the stated exclusion is legally a very slippery terrain.

And for business and reputation is very bad, I think @hwacorp made a good analysis of this situation.

I would imagine that this means existing customers cannot amend their existing subscription to this offer, rather than anything stopping them from starting a new one at that price.

I am also certain that a business the size of Envato would have legal advisors who consult on pretty much ant promotional aspect of their business.

That all said, I am not a lawyer so your best option would be to take it up with support. Envato Elements Help and Support

Doesn’t sound logical to me if you ask. Take for example Apple music, you pay a monthly subscription, renewable each month. If they have a discount mid month, can you take advantage of it? No. Take for example 99.9% of hosting companies that offer yearly plans, if you purchase a yearly plan, beside the fact that it will renew automatically, if they have a whatever % discount mid year, do you get to benefit from it if you paid for a full year? Again, the answer is no.

If you paid for a yearly subscription, it’s yours for the entire year. The only solution I see here is to get a yearly subscription now from a different account, and cancel your subscription on your first account. I see no other way.

Also, this is in no way / shape or form illegal. It’s happening to absolutely every subscription service online yearly / monthly if you’ve already paid for a subscription. The price you paid for when you subscribed applies for the entire duration. Otherwise, no one would offer discounts. That’s the whole point of a discount, it’s an unexpected surprise. Never purchased a phone and 3 days later it was discounted by $xxx and you wanted to grrrrrrr that you didn’t wait?

Same thing here. It’s a basic business model for discounts guys! But as @charlie4282 recommended, get in touch with support for clarifications if you need any more. They’ll be happy to help you out! :blush:

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Today I received an offer from my hosting company for a -25% discount. I am free to buy for another 12 months and add to an existing subscription. The offer is not exclusively for “new subscribers”. I was not excluded as an existing subscriber, although I paid for hosting for a year.

It is not the same product. A one-time purchase is not the same as annual / multi-year subscriptions and contracts. What is the key problem here is that existing subscribers are not allowed to buy an additional year of subscription under the same conditions, as offered to new ones.

Hi @ZoranRamac . You paid at the price you paid for, and it is not entirely logical to demand a new subscription price that you specify now ($12). You have met the payment terms at the time of payment.

Why claim what you paid for before?

New subscribers are attracted by a new price. Here you are right.

By the way, I pay for the Internet, let’s say, about $5 a month. I have been with them for a long time (about 7 years old), but they give discounts to new customers for $1- $2 and I don’t give a damn about that. I do not mind.

That’s called a courtesay, they were in no way obliged to do so.

Tell that to the thousand of companies doing the exact same thing. I can tell you for a fact it’s not illegal since the practice is actually common. Simplest solution, get in touch with Envato, see what they have to say. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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Yes they are - they just have to create it as a separate subscription to help differentiate it from the one which they are originally on.

“Offer strictly excludes current subscribers.” will only relate to existing subscribers being able to amend their existing agreement immediately.

Other than the fact existing subscribers need to first cancel their current subscription, there is no difference between what they need to do and what a new subscriber would need to do.

What prevents them from doing this?


I also think it’s the good thing to do… your customers make sure you can excist… the problem with bigger companies is that they don’t really care … So a few days after my creditcard was charged they cut the price by almost 50% FOR LIFE. It makes me mad. Because it is just pure greed.

I am seriously concidering cancelling my subscription.

Create a new account, get the current subscription with a discount. That’s what everyone does with services like these if they wanna take advantage of the current discount. There really is no other way.