Why flyer got rejected? Please help

My flyer submission is rejected with message “We have completed our review of “Summer Party” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

hi if u ask me this is rather cool , u have a nice base to work with …however , this is what is interesting in a way , too , u still have a whole lot of things that u can improve so that u can ultimately take your game to the next level …

1- unbalance
first of all the central axis is rather cool and the background too but the thing is that sideways , at this stage look very empty to say the least … this is deteriorating the harmony of what u have done …introduce some small elements in the sideway to restore visual balance

2- footer
well the footer is really too “thick” , it looms like a compilation of elements and “thick” in addition … which means that even if u wanted to keep such a bulk of info (or not) u need to introduce some breathing so that people do have the feeling of unreadable block of texts …

3- hierarchy
this is linked to point n2 … nothing is outstanding enough in all these texts that u are having (apart from the titles for which u did a fair job)

4- spacing
u have several spacing issues … make sure that spaces between elements are all the same everywhere …that the global thing is coherent from one block to the other and also inside of them …

5- disposition
as for i would rather place the date somewhere else …i do not mean this is really bad here but maybe moving it in the sideway would be a good way for u to introduce more balance to the table …

6- letterspacing
u have very varying letterspacing from one line to the other this is making it difficult to read sometimes and this damages the global looks of your item …

7- light
the light on the banner with dj names could look cool but i think it could be placed a better way either to make more sense indeed and also for the names to be more readable …

8- color choices
i do not know why u chose this , i have no idea what this red color for the website comes from but this is not at all matching with the rest and in addition, as such , with such a bad letterspacing the text is just useless and impossible to read …


Thanks a lot Nico… :grinning:


u are welcome :slight_smile:

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