Why featured week’s video artist on Videohive stays on main page for the second week?

Why featured week’s video artist on Videohive from previous week stays there now? It’s Wednesday already and nothing changes…

Yeah! Something strange. I’ve never seen anything like this before. It’s Friday today :hushed:

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What if I told you, the featured author on the Themeforest has been there for 3 weeks.
3 possibilities:

  1. They switch from week to month.
  2. The automatic - system no longer works.
  3. The person in charge has been on holiday

Really - for 3 weeks??? It’s something abnormal…

The same with the new featured project. Today is Thursday, but «featured» list still not updated. Usually I visit the forum several times a day, and do not miss any news and announcements. Maybe I missed the news about it. Perhaps now new «featured» project will be selected 1 time in 2 weeks, or so. Or the person who is responsible for this, is on vacation. Just wondering. But no one from the Envato team has yet answered. So forgive me, @BenLeong that I’m tagging you :wink: We just want to know what is the reason for the delay.
Thanks :upside_down_face: