Why Extended license if my clients cannot upgrade plugins?

This always hurts the business when things depends on other parties. So when we include plugins like Revolution, or Visual composer in our product, (Our products were not cake to build we spent a good amount of time on them) After some time these plugins start irritating our clients to upgrade the plugin by buying the License … As we bought the extended license our clients have right to use and upgrade the plugin.

Or we just bought a plugin to market their plugin for more sales and irritate our clients on Admin panel to buy new license. And our clients are always angry on us when they cannot update, and if they buy new license, and upgrade plugin so what, whole theme is destroyed cause the plugin authors did not care what they did before …

I am really not happy with all this and want Envato to offer upgrades to my clients. Thanks.

There are some top selling WP themes that are providing auto updates for these plugins via their own system but I am pretty sure it’s against the terms so we don’t personally do that. What we do is whenever there is a plugin update we update our theme to include the latest version and we use the TGM script - http://tgmpluginactivation.com/ - so when the theme is updated it will also warn the user that there are updates to the plugins so they can update them - https://youtu.be/RJJ0E8QU8M4

And for any of the bundled plugins you can also use filters in the theme to disable the auto updates coming from the plugin.

Thanks @WPExplorer I think i need this, can you tell me what i am missing here to add version of plugin thanks. http://take.ms/RrlD5