Why every time my item is rejected because of quality standards?

hi , for me , as regard to the high quality of the illustration part this can only be an issue of typo in the first place and also the positioning of the text next to the illustration

your typo is basically very flat and completely disconnected from what u have done with your illustration … this is flat , all black color , not combining fonts and thus lacking originality and visual impact … when u have it all in the illustration … this is too bad, you threw your design overboard so to speak lol but this is easy to fix , so this is cool :slight_smile: u have a greta base to work with :slight_smile:

your text, in my view is too far away from the illustration in vertical version, plus this is not in the right proportion … your texts should basically be bigger and more outstanding as the brand is important too … what u have right now is a great illustration taking completely over all the rest … but people for whom this is meant , they expect that people remember their name and notice it , if u know what i mean …

for the horizontal version u have a real issue of positioning indeed, as such this is really like u have two elements and that posted them randomly right next to each other … u need to test where u position the texts after u modify the typo , so that u can ultimately make sure that u make your logo as good as it can get indeed :slight_smile:

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My friend allows me to say that it seems that you have not read the instructions on the name next to the logo and allow me to tell you that your work is fairly weak it seems to be attached to gaining trust points and not the purpose of your comments when everyone has a public interest but a personal interest to gain things from behind, I see This logo is more beautiful than your designs because it is inconsistent

what is this all about?! i do not understand anything of what u are saying or doing …

How is this even a solution ?

Lol Nico…Me neither:smile:


Nice Logo

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ok it was self promotion!

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I think he just wanted to get the solution badge.


LOL giving it so himself? lol he wants to collect the 7 deadly sins or something? lol

hahaha The seven sins went and the work was accepted

thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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