why envato reject this print template?

Your resume has no selling potential. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create this resume template.

but I have seen many similar templates on this site as to why they are approved

Lots of them are old items. The market is saturated with this kind of templates. Also there are tones of free items similar to your resume. You need to put more effort to create something unique.

How can learn to design unique. I’ve seen many tuts videos, hundreds of designs but all my design get rejected

Before you start you need a key concept. Whiteout concept it is nearly impossible to create something unique.

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hi to be honest , i cannot say that this is the flattest cv that i have never seen … i cannot say either that this is not cleanly executed , either , though, to be honest this is definitely lacking something a bit impactful and bringing some "spices; to the table. I tend to agree with what @DesignSomething told u as regard to the lack of concept as times have changed and what could have been bringing a good deal of success maybe in the very beginning is more likely to be sort of buried alive at of lacking identify and “striking a niche”. The problem also that i have any time i a personally confronted with this type of product is just to tend to believe that the commercial potential is low as regard to the fact that this is easily and quickly duplicable by whoever has rather basic talent and skills r knowledge with the required apps … and i tend to believe that unless u manage to bring something to te table that takes your game to the next level and makes it worth buying, in most cases, people would rather opt for redoing and saving money rather than actually purchasing … this is the for the global idea, i might say , if i get into deeper details this is rather cool except for two main really big problem that are turning out to ruin your item … first of all, u are violating the contrast basic design principle with the green blue texts. Quite frankly they are close to unreadable and u can wander what is the point of putting some text if they are not given the proper attention and that they are at the very least on the verge of being readable , if not considered unreadable … finally the other main mistakes which turn out to "fold " your item is that the blue green has no echo whatsoever anywhere else and that makes it come out of the blue and break the cool harmony that u had managed to generate otherwise … as a sideway “information” i would also point that maybe working on introducing more elaborated icons would be a good idea as these ones are really too flat, and in such a minimalistic context this is no welcome in my view …