Why envato reject my project when i see other product they are more simple help

Why envato reject my project when i see other product they are more simple help
The product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZxwIiLJAzg


You have a good idea and a good start in my opinion. You can improve it with lil touches.
I suggest you to search “12 Principles of Animation”. These are what makes an animation interesting and qualified.

  • Staging is what you are missing at most on principles.

  • You should drive the viewers eyes to the focus points of your scenes. In your scenes those showing products it starts robotic. You can add more flow to your animations. Don’t move everything in same time in different places if they are not supporting each other. And always keep one of them primary so viewer can focus on it.

  • There should be a story in composition. Just like an article it should keep interesting.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KhJrMKo04g&t=3s watch this and design your scenes again :slight_smile:

Good Luck

Thank you i will try to repair i hope envato will accept after i do those tips :smiley:

It is not allowed to use product brands in your preview and remember that approving is the first step. Then it will have to be buyed by clients. Try to be unique ans smooth. Good luck!

Now i need to remove envato logo and name?

Brands of imac, canon etc.

Ahhh thanks

is it better now?

Did you change anything other than removing the brand names? Apart from that, it looks exactly the same.

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I changed the intro,the product placeholdsr speed, organized the project file in after effect now if someone buy my product he can edit so easily.render in 4k(4k just for fun) what do you think what i need to change more? Any idea

Still rejected (hard rejected)can i contact envato I need to know what i did wrong with that item i dont know how I can improve more

You have to work on layout and typography.