Why Envato payout happen on 3rd week or after 15 days of month ?

Hello Envato,

I am not sure but every month on date 1, we get email that our last month earning is calculated and it goes to payout.

Now as earning is calculated why it take more 14 days for automated payout ? Why it cannot be done on same first week ? For what Envato need more days to make automated payment.

This question comes from curiousity as I didn’t get the point of delayed payment.


Here is helpful article about payout.



I already aware of all this thing’s like you need default account to be attached, min earning and all but none of Envato article says why its taking extra 14 days as everything is decided upon last day of previous month.


As an Author I think It’s so simple to understand. Just think envato has around 30 thousands authors and each last day of the month envato calculate the total earnings and found around 20 thousands authors has enough amount in their account to get payment. Now the financial team will set the earning payout to all of those around 20 thousands authors payout destination (Paypal/payoneer/Bank) and all of these distribution will take times. So, envato took a policy/rules that they will pay to authors each 15th of the month and they will do all necessary task to send money to authors payout destination within 1-15th of date.

The above is my personal opinion if you need official answer then please contact support. Envato support team will assist you.


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Hi @rcreators,

This is international business payment/money transaction matter any of marketplace isn’t give you instant payment transaction or withdraw they took a payment process its around 2 week official day.
Hope you understand.
Still any question you can get in touch with Envato Author Help Center they would like to assist you with an official answer.