Why Envato is more charging then there say it would cost?

When I buy the theme Lifeband it tells a price of 66US$ (49 for the theme and 17 for your support).
But in the end I get charged 77,21 US$.
Why? Do you know that?


I can’t find any contact to Envato on there website. So I can’t ask them.

Taxes, perhaps?


Firstly it will be taxes that are added on and envato transaction costs.
Secondly you have bought two DIFFERENT licences according to your screenshot. You have purchased the Wordpress version of Lifeband - Life Coach Wordpress Theme @ $49.00 which includes 6 months of support, AND THEN you have purchased the HTML version of the same theme @$17 with again 6 months of support on that option.

Did you mean to buy the same theme with 2 different options? I guess not

Hi @frankmehlhop,

I think the rest $ are your local tax and handling fees.

If you already purchased then in your statements/invoice all payments details should to display. please go to your Dashboard then statement Tab. you will find invoice(s) there.


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