Why envato deletes comments without notifications?

Hello, I left a reasonable constructive comment under one script on codecanyon and it’s now deleted. I have noticed many times when my comments and reviews are being deleted without any notification, warning or anything like this. Then I enter my comment again and it’s again being deleted. I think it’s not fair, cowardly and just not a fair play. What do you think about this practice?

Hi @sambuev. If a comment is flagged, it’s temporarily hidden and will be reviewed against our community guidelines. If the reviewers disagree with that flag, the comment will then reappear on the page.

If your comments have not breached our guidelines (calling out other users, posting personal information etc) it’s possible that your comments may have been hidden, and not deleted.

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My comment never was flagged, I always very clear about my complaints and concerns, but it’s been so many cases that envato deletes comments and reviews, I was even thinking to open a petition on change.org. Would you mind to notify users about flagged, deleted comments so you don’t have to do it silently?

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Thanks for the info - I’m not familiar with the technical options available for Envato Market’s comments (it’s a very different system to our forums), but I’ll check with the Market team to see what’s possible.

Just ask them why this practice become such widespread use, so many times my review has been deleted, then my comments, I’m not a toxic person, just regular feedback, no swear words of course, but it seems like Envato covering publisher and do not protect regular users. In 2020 this kind of game won’t work anymore, customer service also has such a long response time.

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