Why Envato Allow Duplicate Product Names???!!



I am really wondering why envato allow to have same name for different products. I have noticed just today that there is a new PSD product released with same name of my HTML and WP product. OK you will say its PSD and mine is HTML and WP, What if user planned to develop that to HTML and WP?? and guess what same project category :sweat:

I think It’s should be taken care of. Product name should be considered as a registered trademark.

Some one explain??!!


Why not? There a lot of products here… At envato we sell products, not names. Think all authors to have their original names… We will have names like: “My product 1”, “My product 100”, etc etc

Another explanation is when someone buy your product with name “Author product”, and wants to use it for his own purposes, the first thing will think/do is to change the name from “Author product” to “My product”. But even buyer don’t want to change the name of your product, simply can to use it as is. Buyers don’t care about names. Again, we sell products.

I think the important here is to sell good/quality products not good names… My opinion! : -)


Yeah, with nine million items, there’s going to be a lot of overlap when it comes to names. Limiting a name to one item would cause there to be a lot of names that have little to do with the actual product. If you want to call something “Green Business” and that’s been taken, then you need to tweak it a bit, maybe “Environmental Company” and your next choice has gone, and the next one, and the next one, and so on and so forth… before you know it you’re calling your theme “Black and White Cat Eating a Horse”.


If you had chosen a really unique name, I would have understood the frustration.
I mean, if someone publishes a template called “Avada”, it hopefully will be soft rejected, right?

But the name “iEvent” for an event theme template/theme is not really original or unique so it’s no surprise that other authors might think of this name as well, even without knowing your product.

I don’t see anything wrong here, if you want to create a trademark with your products they should be uniquely named, then you won’t have the problem of other authors coming up with the same name.

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Thanks all for your inputs @odiusfly, @SpaceStockFootageModerator, and @Creattive.
Somehow i am convinced with your answers but still not 100%. That mean in that case as @Creattive mentioned I have to choose unique names for my next upcoming projects something like (Hoxa) or (Boxa) which totally doesn’t have meaning :expressionless:.