Why "EmbedAI - Integrate AI Chat On Any Website" gets hard reject?

AI Chat Integration/Embedding On Any Website

Enhance your website with EmbedAI's effortless AI chat integration. Let AI engage and provide instant support to your visitors. Embed chat assistants or trained models seamlessly for a responsive and intelligent user experience.

AI Models Training by Fine Tuning

Refine AI performance effortlessly with EmbedAI's fine-tuning feature. Customize OpenAI models for tailored content creation, chat responses, and code generation to meet your specific needs with precision and efficiency. Use fine-tuned models for chat embedding and integrations.

AI Documents Chat

Upload your documents and let visitors ask questions. For example, If you have a long policy document or terms and conditions document in pdf, txt, etc, you can upload and link it to the chat widget. With this visitors are able to chat as though they are chatting with a customer care agent.

AI Websites Chat

Share your website's sitemap to enable visitors to ask questions directly. For instance, if you already have a sitemap available, you can easily upload it to the chat widget. This way, visitors can inquire about specific content on your website and receive timely responses.

AI Links Chat

Provide your website URL to allow visitors to ask questions directly. For instance, if your website includes a policy or terms and conditions page, you can submit the link and attach it to the chat widget. This enables visitors to ask questions and receive responses based on the content provided in the linked pages.

Visitor Analytics

Explore the full picture of your website visitors' actions with our user-friendly platform. Keep tabs on when chats begin, resume, or conclude, and gain insights into the pages they explore. Dive into detailed page view statistics effortlessly. Enhance your understanding of visitor behavior, all in one easy-to-use tool.

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The app is selling elsewhere but is has gotten rejected here severally.
NOTE : The account am using is for non-exclusive authors.
Any advice will be highly appreciated.